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Quality Policy Statement

RCS Blade Services specialises in worldwide blade repairs, inspections and consultancy for both onshore and offshore turbines.

The Owner and staff of RCS Blade Services are dedicated to providing a quality service to their clients that meets or exceeds expectation. With over 15 years of experience in blade manufacture, installation and repair, we have developed a sound reputation for our work in this field. To that end we work to the highest standards and specifications and exhaustively monitor every detail of our service.

Our quality objectives are set as a result of customer input or actions arising from this policy and are communicated to all employees and sub-contractors. Our current quality objectives are to:

  • Support our continual and sustained growth by building close working relationships with operators in the UK.

  • Build, strengthen and protect our reputation with our current Clients.

  • Ensure we meet all statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Continue to create an environment which attracts and retains employees of the highest calibre and in which employees feel valued for their contribution.

  • Continue to provide our employees with the training and CPD they require to excel in our field of work.

The Company Directors recognise that they have a major role in ensuring that the emphasis on quality extends to all staff and sub-contractors. They take ultimate responsibility for statutory/regulatory and quality requirements and will ensure that every employee and sub-contractor knows their responsibilities and duties and is given encouragement to work to specified standards. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis for continuing suitability.


We aim to assist our customers at every level in the blade manufacturing process. Identifying and overcoming our consultancy process involves ensuring blade are to the highest standard at manufacturing levels to ensure the blade is to the highest quality to ensure the turbine reaches its optimum capacity once assembled.


Hempel Approved, Laminating certificates, GWO Climbing Certificates, 

Existing Clients & Work History

EON Windelectric, Seaforth Energy, Nordex, Vestas, TPI Composites, GE, DEWIND, SUDWIND.


Work Portfolio

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